08 März 2012 to 09 März 2012

How can the economic and cultural future be shaped in a sustainable manner and what can culture and creative businesses contribute to this? For the Forum d’Avignon 2011 Kurt Salmon has carried out a study on the models and mechanisms used for decision-making on investments in cultural projects. As a supplement to this study city researcher Charles Landry was commissioned by the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr to examine the qualitative success factors of a number of very different capitals of culture including Bilbao, Krakow, Liverpool, Bologna, Lille and the Ruhr region. Taking these two studies as the basis as well as the preceding discussions the following questions are up for discussion: Which qualitative success factors hold good in the same way for all types of city and capitals of culture? What are the cultural-political strategies offering the greatest promise of increasing the attractiveness of urban regions and of promoting economic growth? On what criteria can municipal policy-makers, the cultural world and the business world orient their actions today in order to shape sustainable changes to society and what "change through culture" measures promise success?

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