Our 2014 edition of PowerDay, our annual day of service, was our most successful yet, with some 600 Kurt Salmon volunteers across 16 offices and four continents.


We supported 78 different charitable projects, with a focus on three core areas. The first was parks and other green spaces and included everything from the Briarwood Park Conservancy in Atlanta to Friends of the Earth in Tokyo to BIOFarm in Shanghai. Helping children, families and the homeless was the second area of focus and saw volunteers at Petits Frères des Pauvres in France, Japan’s Free the Children and various food banks across the United States, while more broad-based charities included both the British Red Cross and the French Red Cross, the United Kingdom’s Pennies, and Médecins Sans Frontières. The third and final category focused on job skills, whereby staff in the New York office conducted mock interviews and offered coaching to skilled immigrants and refugees in order to secure them job opportunities with Upwardly Global.

First launched in 2008, PowerDay is an annual event for which Kurt Salmon gives its staff the opportunity to spend an entire day supporting a variety of community nonprofit projects.