The creative and cultural industry is facing  major challenges linked to both the private and public sector: training, financing, innovation, employment, internationalization, etc. Institutions, operators, creative and cultural enterprises are hustled toward optimal structures, better use of resources and efficiency.

Other issues are specific of the cultural sector:

  • Development of new cooperation schemes (sponsoring, public-private partnership, etc.),
  • Adding to the attractiveness of a territory,
  • Appreciation of the heritage,
  • Use of new technologies and multimedia services.

Kurt Salmon is helping, throughout Europe, museums, foundations, public entities, cultural operators but also cities, regions, international institutions. Kurt Salmon assists them in their strategic reasoning to improve their performances. 

Services sold are strategic studies/ feasibility studies, review of corporate politics, planning of service projects, transformation blueprint, development of new multimedia services, modernization of IT (managing collections, libraries, ticketing, customer service), planning of cultural offer, event planning, international development, funding research, improvement of back office services.