Our goal is supporting senior management, CODIR and HR departments, facilitating transformations and optimising our clients' projects.

To do this, we work with our clients on the following areas:

  • Developing management assessments, analyses of internal communication and cultural audits
  • Implementing managerial policy
    • Identifying values and business projects, enabling managerial alignment, developing cohesion and belonging
    • Defining a common managerial style and identity
    • Monitoring and empowering managers
      • Group problem solving and innovation
      • Group and individual coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitating complex seminars
    • Balance between achieving results and creating group synergy (DES Dynamic and Effective Seminar)
    • Obtaining results using workshops on specific topics (DEW Dynamic and Effective Workshop)
    • Team-building
  • Facilitating the management team
  • Implementing change management to improve project performance by introducing new approaches, methods (Change Dynamics), specific seminars and tools, such as e-learning
  • Optimising and rationalising training programmes for managers, including the prevention of psychosocial risks for managers facing the reality of the digital world
  • Developing specific knowledge of project management and change during removals or creation of new offices

Our strengths in change management are:

  • The availability of experienced consultants that are trained in assessment tools, certified coaches, able to facilitate complex seminars and have worked in all public and private sectors, who are able to tailor solutions for your situation
  • An ability to integrate our services within our client's current procedures without removing policies and procedures already in place
  • Use of Talent Q, DES, DEW and Change Dynamics in the context of our services to provide elements of reflection and positioning
  • Our own continuing contributions to the academic world and our partnerships