The efficiency of an organisation depends on the degree of strategic alignment and the relevance of the operational choices that are made.

In terms of human resources, given the "shared" function between the management of human resources on one hand and the operational departments and their managers on the other hand, strategic alignment and organisational coherence raise complex issues.

The major challenge we face when working with clients who require human resource organisation is to provide the capacity to increase the strategic contribution of the HR department and improve the department's operational and economic performance. Our work is centred around the following:

  • Defining a shared vision of the HR function based on the strategic directions laid out by the senior management, human resources management and operational managers
  • Expanding a vision of HR to develop organisation across operational parts of the company by integrating the HR department with other key players in the company
  • Devising methods for setting objectives and measuring HR performance
  • Defining the transformation trajectory
  • Supporting change

As such, our actions revolve around the following:

  • Specifying a vision and aspiration for HR
  • Specifying an HR strategy
  • Designing the organisational model (global HR model)
  • Presenting the HR model for an operational organisation (including customer relationships, expertise, shared services and outsourcing)
  • Facilitating the strategic and operational alignment of HR processes
  • Designing and implementing critical HR functions
  • Supporting change

To support you, our team has the following major distinguishing strengths:

  • Knowledge of the theoretical foundations of the sociology of organisations and the ability to combine concepts with pragmatism
  • Management of HR business issues and associated processes
  • The ability to mobilise high-level expertise
  • A wealth of feedback from past experiences