Kurt Salmon’s Global Financial Services practice provides independent, fact-based advice and guidance to the world’s global leaders throughout all segments of the financial services industry: Retail Banking and Consumer Finance, Wealth Management, Corporate and Investment Banking, Asset Management, Asset Servicing, Insurance.

Kurt Salmon provides independent, fact-based advice and guidance to the world’s leading banks, asset managers, insurance companies and consumer finance firms. With more than 350 management consultants worldwide, our teams ensure financial services leaders realise their business transformation targets on time and in full.

Our clients choose us because we combine sector-specific knowledge and proven world-class tools and approaches to yield tangible results. We understand the highly competitive nature of financial services, the key industry trends and the regulatory challenges ahead. We know how to help firms cope with  demands for increased integrity, higher levels of liquidity, greater degrees of transparency and sustainability, while at the same time delivering a return on equity. To achieve this, we work alongside our clients to create, implement and improve governance structures, business processes, information systems and talent pools.

To ensure the right level of risk, regulation and compliance throughout the business, we help clients:

  • Enhance the customer experience in multichannel distribution environments
  • Improve product and service development processes
  • Implement cost-effective finance, operations, strategy and information technology solutions