Learn about Kurt Salmon's Deal Ideas, including potential opportunities, drivers and rationale.
  • Apparel Accessories The global apparel accessories market has exhibited steady growth
  • Fast-Casual Restaurants Consumer demand for high-quality healthy and natural ingredients in their food has driven growth of the fast-casual restaurant sector
  • High-Low Grocery Stores firmly positioned within the premium and discount consumer segments experiencing outsized growth
  • Plus-Size Apparel The plus-size segment, which represents a major percentage of the apparel market and continues to grow, is substantially underserved
  • Private Label in Personal Care With private label continuing to gain acceptance at retail, personal care is likely to have the most growth
  • "Beyond the Suburbs" Retail Serving exurban and rural markets
  • Tribes of One Capitalizing on customized products and services
  • Influencer Channel Brands Specialized venues as channels of distribution for premium consumer products
  • Regional Retail Strong established brands that have an opportunity to expand nationally