1:1 Retailing takes the personalized shopping experience found online and brings it into the physical store. Powered by technologies ranging from RFID to Bluetooth, retailers can equip their stores with smart fitting rooms and tablet-empowered associates that digitally connect product marketing across platforms and take into account customers’ individual shopping behaviors to provide a truly personalized experience. The result? Measurable improvements to retailer metrics such as traffic, engagement, conversion and basket size.

Experience 1:1 Retailing

Rather than just describe this 1:1 Retailing revolution, we’ve built it using RFID, iBeacon, and interactive digital technologies, and we’d like to invite you to come experience it for yourself. Click here to learn how you can experience 1:1 Retailing for yourself.

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1:1 Retailing can only be successfully delivered in an omnichannel environment, which provides customers with a seamless experience of a brand regardless of when, where, how or why they interact with it.