We all know that the retail and consumer products industry has changed significantly —and that the pace of change will only continue to accelerate.

But many players in this constantly evolving industry have continued with business as usual or have made only small adjustments.

When faced with an industry—and a consumer—in the midst of revolution, the only proper response is dramatic transformation, change that will impact the entire organization.

In this issue, we explore innovative new ways of doing business across many categories and parts of the organization.

In “Close Encounters,” we detail why retailers’ historical fear of letting their outlet doors creep too close to their full-price counterparts is misguided and, using Nordstrom as an example, show why retailers need to totally revamp their off-price real estate strategy.

Meanwhile, “Unchained” explores why and how large chain retailers must take a totally new, big-picture approach to their products and customer experience by thinking small.

This David vs. Goliath concept carries over into “Sweating Small,” which recounts how boutique fitness studios are shaking up the industry—and how investors can get a piece of this hot market.

As always, we hope you find this issue insightful and look forward to hearing from you.

19 August 2015