03 December 2012 to 05 December 2012

We all know the retail industry is evolving—quickly. And those retailers unable to keep up and add value through tailored products and assortments and a compelling in-store customer experience are rapidly losing relevance.  But what is definitely up for debate is how to bring those stores back to life, and sustain the success of current winners.

What will the store of the future look like? Quite frankly, we don’t exactly know. The pace of technological, demographic and behavioral evolution is accelerating so quickly that anyone who pretends to know may soon realize the answer has already changed. But what is certain is that organizations equipped with a process that enables constant innovation will be best-positioned for success, no matter what the future holds. Kurt Salmon's Madison Riley will discuss:

  • The in-store experience innovation imperative
  • Roadblocks to developing an innovative in-store experience
  • Process for overcoming those roadblocks
  • How an efficient, responsive supply chain is the foundation for building the successful Store of the Future