26 June 2015

Population health remains an ongoing concern and source of confusion for hospital and health system executives. Part of the confusion stems from a lack of guidance, and with so many moving parts, these executives often don’t know where to start.

After deciding to transition their organizations to population health management, one of the first and most important decisions executives must make is in regard to the technology platforms that will power this change. This decision and the subsequent transition can be riddled with missteps, and missteps associated with technology investments can be costly in time and capital investment. Yet such missteps are largely avoidable.

Few organizations that have successfully implemented population health management–focused IT platforms use more than 30 percent of the technology’s capabilities, experience shows, illustrating a real disconnect between technology and need. Therefore, understanding population health strategic priorities and appropriately timing the development of capabilities to address those priorities is the key to cost-effective acquisition and scaling of population health technology.

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