Women’s Wear Daily

13 August 2015

“On a macro level, it has certainly helped that the men’s business has been one of the more healthy and growing retail categories as men have become more fashion-conscious and eclectic in both their business and casual attire,” Arnold Aronson, retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, shares with Women’s Wear Daily, when reflecting on the longevity of men’s retail stores like Brooks Brothers. These retailers have been able to evolve over time without losing sight of their historic presence in the industry. “Their strength of conviction … in terms of quality for the dollar, great customer experience and overall fashion sensibility” has allowed them to survive, Aronson says. “They have also stayed abreast of technology and innovation to provide necessary infrastructure improvements and have invested carefully and selectively [in] supply chain efficiencies, merchandise information systems and marketing in order to stay competitive.” 

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