IT industrialization provides the most effective and consistent solution to successfully reach objectives. There are a multitude of IT activities that are routine and repetitive (e.g., Backup and Restore) and which result in attractive cost saving benefits through technology resource management. These benefits can be achieved only when the infrastructure and information management processes and governance are well defined and aligned.

IT Chargeback

IT chargeback is a technology resource management process which provides high value-added information to IT by enabling efficient decision making concerning investments and spending and communication to management. Our consultants implement proven methodologies to define a chargeback model for IT service clients.

Once the methodology is established, an approach defining how to best align IT with the organization’s business strategy occurs along with a transformation model that considers all relevant business units and geographies.

IT Organization Optimization

We help our customers define pragmatic IT strategies to balance their short-term requirements (cost reduction, service improvement) and long-term goals (purchasing policy, skills management, innovation).

Using systems such as ITIL, COBIT and CMMI, we assist in optimizing an IT organization and its processes, including aligning the knowledge and skills of its team members with the organization’s overall mission. This staffing optimization process ensures our customers have the most efficient IT team possible.

This offer also extends to the framing and implementation of multi-country shared services centers.

IT Operations Efficiency

IT departments are facing growing requirements from the business and its stakeholders, particularly as they relate to reaction times and quality of services, which can often contradict one another. We industrialize the processes that can potentially compromise IT production.

Our end-to-end financial industry consulting methodologies position us well to assist with industrialization of upstream or downstream IT production.

Our knowledge of IT production and market reference guidelines (ITIL, COBIT) allows us to identify the necessary process improvements required to enhance our clients’ production (user support and incident, problem management, management of release and maintenance cycles).

Clients often turn to us to help them implement and adopt lean IT methods and best practices of new service models such as business process outsourcing and cloud storage and computing (Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service). In doing so, we assist our clients in realizing their full productivity potential.

IT Sourcing

CIOs are accountable for optimizing their outsourcing projects, which encompasses sourcing of the best available services and products on the market while meeting high quality standards and establishing a pricing structure and contractual agreement that best serves the client organization.

At Kurt Salmon, we identify opportunities for information-based product re-platforming to a broader market (also referred to as “massification”) and explore areas where outsourcing makes the most sense.

As an independent consultancy, our clients are assured of receiving recommendations from us that are exclusively based on our practitioners’ deep subject matter expertise using best practices. We are convinced that our IT knowledge and experience provide best-in-class support related to all areas of the sourcing lifecycle process. Additionally, this process often encompasses input from the CIO/CTO as well as the procurement and legal departments within the organization, and our financial industry consulting teams understand and are responsive to the specific needs of each.

CIO Talent Management

Performance improvement often starts with an organization’s investment in their own human capital where the objective is to attract, develop and retain key resources.

The IT department environment is continuously evolving and must respond to:

  • Alignment of businesses whose requirements are ever changing
  • Implementation of solutions that require regular renewal
  • Ways to deliver user services that will be compatible with the organization’s business model

IT departments must be agile and adaptable to meet the needs of the organization’s stakeholders, employees, customers and service providers. At every level, the IT department will need to make use of new skills to support and endorse new objectives.

We support our clients by assessing any gaps or skills needed and, in addition to partnering with IT, often work in cooperation with the HR sector of the organization to create and implement a comprehensive human resources strategic plan. We scope out the composition of the current team (distribution, experience level, skills, retention, compatibility of resource with job profile, etc.) and compare it with other essential organization criteria. Upon conclusion of this process, our clients recognize improvements in:

  • the relevancy of their recruitment plans with the associated job description
  • an established relevancy of the CIO role and the IT department as a whole
  • the alignment of resource skills with the IT evolution plan
  • an increase in an individual resource’s performance and work product once realignment of skills with relevant role occurs
  • the evaluation and realization of individuals and teams
  • an efficiency in the remuneration structure

Our competency in this area comes from in-depth field experience in diverse industries and is inspired by the mission of CIGREF and the European e-Competence Framework. Moreover, we support Human Resources in staffing optimization with the adaptation of a formalized training policy, recruitment processes and communication.

Software Asset Optimization

With software continuing as a top spend category in today’s environment of increasing pressure to reduce IT costs, organizations must demand the best possible “bang for the buck” from their software assets. This calls for a shift from mere technology resource management to full optimization. From business software that provides a direct competitive advantage to infrastructure software needed to keep the lights on, maintaining that delicate balance to determine the right spend levels in each software category is a requirement.

Our software asset optimization (SAO) solution empowers CIOs by allowing them to quickly identify cost-reduction opportunity areas while also integrating and launching a sustainable operating model for software optimization that will ultimately mature and deliver ongoing and steady benefits.

Enterprise Integrated Planning

Technology is essential to succeeding in today’s business environment, and companies recognize that the complexities of technology require a commitment to the development of robust capabilities to manage risk and create a more risk-aware culture. There are a number of issues that IT organizations must consider as they face the competing requirements of providing a dynamic and flexible yet stable and low-cost technology platform.

We have designed a solution that helps CIOs maximize productivity of their IT organizations by balancing, managing and leveraging the dynamics of run- and change-the-business imperatives. For more information, read this Kurt Salmon Insight: Enterprise Integrated Planning: Air Traffic Control for CIOs.

Data Center Planning

Businesses face challenges resulting from rapid changes in data center (DC) technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and big data analytics.

Kurt Salmon’s Data Center Planning Strategy was developed to create a vision, roadmap and overall architecture to address these challenges:

  • providing clients with a detailed financial model to identify cost-saving areas and ROI that aligns with the overall IT strategy
  • helping clients identify areas to further optimize their environment (i.e., building and migrating DCs, outsourcing, hosting, insourcing)

Kurt Salmon has years of insight and experience working with clients across the globe and has developed a comprehensive DC Planning methodology.