We help you provide the optimal patient and family experience while achieving the optimum operational efficiency. Like you, we are unwilling to compromise between these two goals.

Our hands-on experience tells us that two key clinical areas drive the consumption of labor, supplies and technology:

  • Surgery and OR throughput
  • ED throughput

We focus first on these key drivers of resource consumption, then shine a light on ancillaries and support. We look at all of it from the perspective of the patient experience to help you deliver measurable improvements in:

  • Patient throughput
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Service capacity improvement
  • Staff efficiency, staff scheduling and workflow improvement
  • Supply chain reduction
  • Facility design improvement and cost reduction

We help you apply Lean and Six Sigma techniques to embed the improvements into processes and behaviors. The goal is far greater than just cost cutting; we optimize in an effort to do what is right for patients, the organization and staff satisfaction.

Performance Improvement

  • Labor and productivity
  • Purchased services
  • Supply chain
  • Performance standards and metrics
  • Throughput and capacity planning

Process Assessment and Design

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Care delivery model assessment
  • Process workflow design
  • Future state assessments

Outcome Monitoring

  • Benchmarking and performance metrics
  • Change management
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring