We are proud to offer the first health care edition of the Kurt Salmon Review as just the latest example of the way in which we continue to challenge our clients to think innovatively about the evolution of our industry. in this annual publication, we will highlight some of our most provocative ideas about the future of the provider sector. You may not agree with all of them, but our hope is that they will stimulate your intellectual curiosity.

We are a firm that believes strongly in the adage that “incentives drive behavior,” and the provider sector is in the throes of the most significant changes to reimbursement incentives in three decades. Every planning principle from the last decade is now being challenged, and new industry truths are emerging.

  • Doing “better” can be just as lucrative as doing “more.”
  • Hospitals need not be the center of the care continuum.
  • Patient-centric care models can still be physician-friendly.
  • Controlling physician share is more influential than controlling bed share.
  • Convenience matters—adopting models that shift time, shift place and shift skill sets is the key to attracting new patient volume.
  • Changing clinician practice patterns to lower the cost of care is meaningless unless you can share in the value being created.

In this inaugural edition, we discuss a new vision for primary care delivery, positioning physical assets for population health, academic-community partnership efforts and reference pricing, among other issues. We hope you enjoy it, and we’re interested in continuing the dialogue.