Financial services firms will continue to face a growing regulatory burden as a function of doing business. Accordingly, we help our clients analyse, evaluate and manage regulatory compliance impacts on their businesses.

Operating across the major financial markets, we have developed a deep understanding of changes in regulatory policy and law, as well as the methods, tools and techniques regulators apply when investigating, including issues such as systemic failures, fair competition, consumer protection, investor protection, remuneration levels and credit ratings.

Further, we are well-versed in current regulations and compliance policy requirements at the regional, country and global levels which includes contributions to leading financial services industry panels and government think tanks.

As this deep knowledge informs all of our recommendations and programs, our clients realise significant value in our ability to effectively manage the business implications of regulatory change. We offer regulatory advice in a number of critical areas, including:

  • Regulatory insight and planning
  • Hands-on policy and procedure guidance
  • Embedding regulation into affected processes, governance and control mechanisms
  • Supporting regulatory MI and IT systems
  • Ensuring cultural change within the talent pool
  • Identifying opportunities and benefits derived from regulations which may create a competitive advantage