Kurt Salmon helps build advantaged retail and consumer goods businesses—and in today’s world, competitive advantage can be gained only by providing customers with an omnichannel experience.

But in order to provide a seamless experience regardless of the channel, retailers and consumer companies must do more than just implement omnichannel features; they must build and operationalize an omnichannel capability in a connected and meaningful way.

We not only help clients decide which omnichannel investments will drive profitability and loyalty, we help them design the processes, organization and tools necessary to support such capabilities and the change management required to implement and sustain them over the long term.

Kurt Salmon helps its clients:

  • Develop a roadmap to define which points of engagement will drive omnichannel success
  • Develop a consistent view of how to leverage customer data and actions across channels
  •  Maintain and manage real-time master data for products, inventory, marketing and locations across all channels
  • Utilize predictive analytics to quickly identify actionable insights
  • Establish dynamic fulfillment capabilities
  • Link marketing, merchandising and purchasing along personalized customer-centric lines
  • Revise processes, organizations and metrics to support omnichannel capabilities
  • Employ change management to support a transformation to omnichannel