Kurt Salmon is in the business of building advantaged retail and consumer goods companies. Our clients understand and orchestrate the connections between all the key elements in their value chain—from product development through supply chain to the in-store and online experience of their customers.

Our cross-functional perspective across your entire business system equips us to help you not only optimise your supply chain, but to optimise its impact on the other processes in your business. Our integrated services will help you increase product availability, manage inventory and control costs, and our ability to integrate with our clients’ unique business cultures helps create buy-in and speed implementation.

Kurt Salmon’s supply chain services are tailored to unlock opportunities and deliver operational excellence:

Transformation of the supply chain network to meet omnichannel requirements 

  • Omnichannel strategy, design and implementation
  • Ship-from-store strategy and implementation
  • Network strategy, design and implementation
  • Final-mile analysis and performance improvement
  • End-to-end supply chain inventory flow and optimisation
  • Supply chain organisational design
  • Program management office (PMO) administration
  • Project management
  • Change management

Integration and execution of best practice supply chain operations planning

  • End-to-end supply chain operations planning model
  • Forecast and demand planning
  • S&OP

Delivering cost and efficiency improvements

  • End-to-end cost to serve
  • Performance assessments and benchmarking
  • Lean operations implementation
  • Technology application selection and integration