Developing a multi-channel offering to capitalise on the growth in online and mobile retailing continues to be a key priority for senior executives. Retailers have recognised that the way in which new multi-channel activities are integrated with more traditional in-store operations can be the difference between success and failure.

This integration must be carefully planned and designed so that the additional processes and activities can be managed effectively, including: „„

  • Assortment Planning: selecting the appropriate ranges for in-store and online „„
  • Distribution and Stock Management: deciding whether each channel should have a separate network, or whether they can be integrated.
  • „„Cross selling: implementing ‘Click & Collect’ and other initiatives to exploit the store network „„
  • Marketing: co-ordinating promotional activity, pricing and branding across multiple channels „„
  • Managing returns: establishing an efficient and customer-friendly process „„
  • Pricing: setting appropriate and profitable delivery options and prices „„
  • Customer insight: having a view of customer activity across all channels

6 July 2015