1:1 Retailing takes the information that customers offer regarding their shopping preferences and behaviours and seamlessly marries it with technology-enabled capabilities to provide a wholly personalised in-store experience. The result is a revolution in retail.

Using readily available technology that has been tried and tested in the field, 1:1 Retailing merges the highly personalised experience of online retailing with the rich physical customer service experienced in store. 1:1 Retailing has adapted the best practices in customer experience on a global scale and developed in-store digital solutions that drive customer engagement.

Our retail demonstration centre is built on 4 core principles to engage the modern socially and technically savvy customer:

• Connected marketing – consistency in communications with the customer across all channels

• Product awareness – Knowing what products a customer is interacting with and altering messaging to support this

• Presence awareness – Knowing where your customer is and how to interact with them in that environment

• Personalised offers – Targeting relevant and personalised messages to customers that engage with them on a personal level

Experience the benefits of the revolution for yourself by requesting an appointment with our 1:1 Retailing experts at our demonstration area in Cambridge. There, we will show you how 1:1 Retailing empowers the store associate and delights the customer to drive your organization's key metrics of traffic, conversion rate and basket size.

Come join the revolution. Learn more about 1:1 Retailing.

Contact Sarah Davis on sarah.davis@kurtsalmon.com