The UK Kurt Salmon Peak Shipping study of 50+ retailers covers a broad range of categories including traditional big boxes, department stores, fashion and specialty retailers and online only e-tailers.

Two studies are completed to measure shipping speed, customer notifications, accuracy and cost as well as ease of returns. For Black Friday, the study analyses online multi-line orders that are shipped to consumers using standard delivery. For Pre-Christmas deliveries, the study analyses single line orders placed on the last guaranteed shipping date using the shipping method available to be delivered pre-Christmas. Here are some of our key findings from our most recent study.

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While retailers have overcome many of the initial hurdles to deliver a better performance at peak shipping times, they still face an uphill battle to win the race for total fulfilment and therefore to achieve complete customer satisfaction. 

Kurt Salmon has identified the benefits that can be derived  of focusing on key areas, some of which are described below.

1. Continued improvements end to end in execution. The benefits will include:

  • Improved in-store operational efficiencies and improved labour management.
  • Increased sales, reduced lost sales, reduced fulfilment costs, increased profits, enabled same day delivery/reserve in store.

2. Focus on end to end “Cost to Serve” visibility by channel and product to measure real margins, contributions and ROI and make informed decisions for key questions including:

  • Which products and channels should investment be made and what investment levels of localisation or personalisation?
  • What prices and delivery charges will ensure profitability after all related costs are considered?
  • Where can processes be simplified, and what benefits can be expected?
  • How can organisation structures and processes be better aligned?

3. Integrate planning and stock systems across channels to support short and longer term requirements to:

  • Identify quick wins for next season’s buy and promotion strategy
  • Understand the trade-off between availability, markdowns and working capital and opportunities for change
  • Clarify the long-term omnichannel strategy and implementation roadmap

For more information on our findings and the conclusions we have drawn, please contact our Supply Chain Director Judy Blackburn