Four Seasons Park Lane, London

04 June 2015

Ankush will address the audience with a speech entitled, Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s Possibilities - The Role of Finance in this Changing Landscape

Full synopsis of the speech

The world is changing, and at an ever-faster pace. Thanks to the digital revolution, accelerated disruption has become the norm. Business models that were traditionally successful no longer work. Information that was once proprietary is now available to everyone. Operations, once viewed as a cost, must now become a source of competitive advantage. Customers understand more, compare more, demand more and are less loyal. Competition, once local, is now global. Companies you would never have considered a threat are suddenly encroaching on key parts of your business. The hiring war has escalated as organisations fight to acquire and develop not just talent, but the right talent.

How do organisations succeed in this environment and position themselves for continued success in the even more uncertain future? How can CFOs harness emerging technologies such as advanced analytics, cloud, big data and mobile to address the challenges brought about by this increased complex environment?

How do they manage costs without stifling growth? Tomorrow’s organisation needs a different approach to formulating finance, operations and technology strategy. Its finance function needs to invest in growth, deliver value and ensure compliance whilst managing performance and cost; its operations need to be lean and efficient yet agile and capable of evolving to adjust for changed circumstances; its information technology needs to facilitate the future and not be constrained by the present; and its people need to be engaged, inspired and innovative.

In this session, Ankush will share insights on how successful organisations integrate strategic insight, operational excellence – Finance, IT and Operations – with a deep understanding of their customers.

Finance Directors' Forum, 4 June 2015, Four Seasons, Park Lane, London