New York City

17 January 2016 to 20 January 2016

Kurt Salmon is hosting a number of events at the upcoming NRF Big Show. Learn more about these events below

We hope to see you there.

The New Era of Responsive Retailing

Sunday, January 17, 3:15–4:00 p.m.
Special Events Hall (1DMR)

Kurt Salmon retail strategist Mike Gregory will speak alongside Joel Towers, executive dean at the Parsons School of Design, and other retail leaders to discuss the new era of responsive retailing. Their talk will delve into the pressures retailers face from increasing competition, more responsive consumer demand, merchandising great product and being a responsible corporate citizen. This discussion will explore how analytics, new sourcing relations and innovative technologies come together to bring increased speed to market while maintaining a focus on transparent sustainability globally.

Retail’s BIG Fast Track 2016
The Need for Speed—Accelerating Retail Today

Wednesday, January 20, 10:00–11:45 a.m.
North Hall

Entrepreneurs from retail startups participating in XRC Labs, the New York–based retail accelerator, are featured in this panel on the changes the retail and consumer landscape is undergoing. These startups are disrupting the retail world, addressing such issues as the on-demand Millennial workforce, the need for sustainable high-quality fashion, technology and algorithms to better bundle products on e-commerce channels, and using data analytics to create better-fitting clothing.

High-Definition Merchandising

Booth #2943

Buyers and planners need a simpler way to understand their consumers’ demands and react faster. How can buyers and planners do this? High-Definition Merchandising. Learn how the combination of consumer-centric business processes and next-generation analytics enables the modern merchant to make the sharper, faster decisions required to respond to heightened consumer demand and to thrive in today’s omnichannel world.

1:1 Retailing

Booth #1363

Kurt Salmon Digital, in partnership with Tyco Retail Solutions, invites you to visit us for a demonstration of the 1:1 Retailing experience at the NRF Big Show.

1:1 Retailing takes the personalized shopping experience found online and brings it into the physical store. Powered by technologies ranging from RFID to Bluetooth, retailers can equip their stores with smart fitting rooms and tablet-empowered associates that digitally connect product marketing across platforms and take into account customers’ individual shopping behaviors to provide a truly personalized experience. The result? Measurable improvements to retailer metrics such as traffic, engagement, conversion and basket size.


Booth #1020

Visit Kurt Salmon Digital at the ICG cloverleaf™ booth. Come by and learn more about the platform that is changing the face of retail point of presence. In addition to the booth, we will be running tours of the Macy’s Herald Square store, where you can see cloverleaf™ in action. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Frank Layo.