05 September 2016

Studies show that positive emotions toward a retail brand have a far greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments which are based on a brand’s attributes.

If retail brands therefore create the right emotional response from consumers, they will develop a level of brand loyalty that drives both sales and profits.

Register for this Retail Week webinar, in association with Salesforce, and watch as expert speakers discuss:

  • Are emotive brand connections the key to developing next level customer experiences?
  • How do retailers empower customers to give feedback and engage with the brand on multiple levels?
  • What role does personalisation play within this emotive dynamic?


Claire Carroll, Head of Customer Services at The Co-operative Group

Gavin Mee, Senior Area Vice President for Enterprise, UKI at Salesforce

Dan Murphy, Partner at Kurt Salmon

Alex Hamilton, Head of Partnerships at Retail Week