04 April 2017 to 06 April 2017

Today’s consumers want constant “newness”, greater individuality, less mass availability and increasingly demand to “see now, buy now”. Coupled with a blurring of traditional seasons, retail buying and merchandising are facing radical pressure to change. Depending on the different fashion brands, the spectrum of challenges is immense.

Overcoming the challenges of getting fashion products to market faster is resulting in retailers and brands re-evaluating the end to end product development and supply chain process to identify how to meet the quality and speed expectations of the see now buy now consumer without negatively impacting the brand or profitability of the business.

Kurt Salmon, part of Accenture Strategy, has producing a detailed report on how retailers are adapting to this key area of retail transformation. The report will be presented during a panel discussion that we will host at the World Retail Congress on 5th April.