London - Kurt Salmon, the global retail and consumer goods consultancy, has formed a strategic partnership with Maze & Partners, whose technology is being used by companies to improve the performance of their sales staff.

The two companies have been collaborating for several years and have decided to formalise the arrangement to cover client work in the UK and Ireland.

“The Maze solution fits in well with our in-store service offer, which centres around helping retailers provide better customer service to drive loyalty,” explains Richard Traish, Senior Partner, Kurt Salmon. “As the opportunity for growth is limited, retailers are looking to take market share and one way they can do this is by reducing the variation in sales performance across their branches.”

The Maze solution uses a combination of customer feedback and goal-setting to create an automated ‘feedback and response cycle’. This makes it easy for average performers to adopt best practice behaviours with sustainable improvements achieved in a short period of time.

According to Jim Nicholson, Managing Director, Maze & Partners, the joint Kurt Salmon/Maze offer is “extremely powerful” at a time when businesses want to know more about their customers, but also how to use that data to make a difference to their bottom line.

“Maze and Kurt Salmon share an obsession for results-driven engagements and this augurs well for a solid and successful partnership,” he adds.

Kurt Salmon and Maze & Partners are already engaged on a number of FTSE 100 opportunities in the retail, wholesale distribution and financial services sectors.