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17 February 2015

Investment in mobile and omnichannel retail is the number one business priority for the year ahead, according to a recent survey of UK retail chief executives. But creating a dynamic supply chain that can profitably support the extensive product fulfilment options offered to customers is going to be a major challenge.

Despite more and more companies competing to provide ever faster and more convenient deliveries to consumers, just 29% of the 25 leading UK retail chief executives surveyed for a recent report believe investing to create a dynamic supply chain is a priority

Additionally, some 63% of retailers surveyed for the Retail 2015 report are prioritising achieving a single view of their customers, compared with 25% who are focusing on stock; so while there is general investment in supply chain management, the focus is still very much on the customer.

“However, having visibility of stock, along with the flexibility to fulfil orders from any inventory holding location, is paramount to support growth, maximise margins and minimise cost to serve within an omnichannel business,” contends Judy Blackburn, head of the supply chain practice at Kurt Salmon UK, which co-authored the report.

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