Retail Week

27 March 2015

In the first of our quarterly sentiment analysis reports, Retail Week assesses the mindset of the UK’s foremost retail bosses.

Cautious optimism’ was the phrase that best summed up the mood of Retail Week’s Retail 2015 report. Published earlier this year and based on in-depth anonymous interviews with 25 chief executives of leading retailers, the report revealed that the influential men and women at the top of the most successful retailers believe the UK is through the worst of the economic turmoil.

But despite predictions in January that sales and consumer confidence would improve in 2015, have subsequent market, economic and political realities meant that sentiment still applies three months on?

In an effort to gauge how retail chiefs’ views on trading and consumer confidence shift throughout the year, Retail Week, in conjunction with our Retail 2015 partner Kurt Salmon, set out to conduct an extensive sentiment analysis.

By asking the same multiple choice questions to more than 100 of the industry’s leading chief executives and directors, our aim is to provide an in-depth snapshot of the retail mood at key points throughout the year.

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