Internet Retailing

04 August 2016

Emma Herrod, Editor of Internet Retailing, investigates the build up to peak 2016 and what retailers are doing to avoid the challenges of peak 2014.

The volume of sales over Black Friday 2014 was a shock for many. It heavily impacted retailers, as well as supply chains and delivery partners. In the two years since, many retailers have responded well, getting a better understanding of how to shape their offers, structure websites and develop the infrastructure and planning to drive value from it.



Inevitably, 2016 will be the third year with a 3-month peak. These seasonal promotions have become a shopping norm, so consumers will shop early for Christmas. They are also getting savvier and waiting for last-minute discounts. However, as Judy Blackburn, Director at Kurt Salmon, points out, a customer is only going to buy one TV, so if they buy it at 50% off during Black Friday, they aren’t going to go out and buy another or be foolish enough to wait to pay full price for a slightly newer model a few weeks later at Christmas.

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