Retail W

21 September 2016

The introduction of the national living wage has sent shockwaves through retail that will reverberate for many years to come.

Three of the industry’s biggest employers – Tesco, B&Q and, most recently, Marks & Spencer – have all come under fire for the way they plan to restructure their pay policies, which includes removing staff benefits and scrapping premium pay rates in order to accommodate the Chancellor’s £7.20 per hour benchmark for shopfloor staff.


But when it comes to people, some onlookers suggest that a radical shift in retailers’ view of their shopfloor staff is required. Dan Murphy, partner at management consultancy Kurt Salmon, says: “The nature of retail jobs will be different in the future. There will be a higher customer service element to them and there will be a need for people to be more empowered to do things that fit within the higher level goals of the business.

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