Published since 1991, the Global Sourcing Reference is Europe’s most-respected resource for sourcing managers. The new 2009 edition provides brands and retailers in the consumer goods market with essential insights into the latest developments and future trends in sourcing and a solid benchmarking of the competitive position of their own sourcing.

The study has proven to be a strong and successful guide for many leading companies for many years. It includes production and logistics costs for apparel in more than 60 leading sourcing countries and, for the first time, an analysis of hard goods sourcing countries and requirements. The quantitative analysis is further supported by a survey conducted of more than 100 retail and brand sourcing executives, in-depth interviews with global sourcing experts on trends and strategies and a detailed comparison of China and India as sourcing regions.

In the current economic climate of decreasing sales and capital constraints, gross margin stabilisation and supply-chain cost reduction are becoming the key success factors for our industries. Our experience at Kurt Salmon shows that businesses now have to reconsider their sourcing strategies more frequently and more carefully. Instead of implementing functional but standalone sourcing solutions, a more holistic supply-chain approach is required in order to achieve sustainable cost reductions.

The report costs 450 euros and is available through our European offices. For more information about the 2009 Global Sourcing Reference, please email us.

8 June 2009