New York

10 December 2014

Shahryar Shaghaghi, a partner in Kurt Salmon’s CIO Advisory Practice, will lead a breakfast panel discussion looking at the challenges organizations face in implementing financial management practices for IT and Operations.

As these two functions become increasingly intertwined throughout financial products and services, cost transparency for technology services is increasingly critical to visualizing and effectively managing IT costs. At the same time, advanced technology services such as virtualization and cloud computing are also adding greater complexity and ambiguity to unit costing of IT and Operations services. CIOs and IT CFOs are under pressure by their boards and business leaders to be more proactive and transparent in assessing costs allocated back to the businesses.

The panel discussion will examine the challenges organizations face in clarifying costs and the various approaches organizations may take to set up comprehensive IT and Operations cost transparency programs.

To request an invite to attend this event, visit the Argyle Forum website.