Retail TouchPoints

15 January 2015

During Kurt Salmon’s 2015 NRF Big Show panel, Tom Cole, partner at Kurt Salmon, Diane Ellis, president and CEO of The Limited, R. B. Harrison, chief omnichannel officer at Macy’s, and Brent Kirby, chief omnichannel officer at Lowe’s, discussed omnichannel strategy and 2015 goals to enhance one-to-one retailing. Cole defined omnichannel as a “seamless experience” designed to provide consumers with the same exact service and products, regardless of the initial contact method chosen, while Ellis referred to omnichannel as a “tactic” that The Limited uses as part of a larger plan to simplify the consumer’s path to purchase. Branching off of this theme, Harrison explained, “We have to change and choose our investment cycles differently … to facilitate a customer experience and deliver it to her truly seamlessly.” Looking forward, Kirby added, “For 2015 and beyond to me ‘speed’ is the word. Speed and connectivity are key for us as we continue on this journey, and I don’t think anything’s going to change there.”

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