Footwear News

01 April 2015

“Lining up a luxury channel, Net-a-Porter, with the off-price/discount channel Yoox creates an opportunity to capture a greater share of wallet,” Dan Goldman, retail and private equity strategist at Kurt Salmon, explains to Footwear News when reflecting on the recent merger between Yoox S.p.A and Net-a-Porter. Goldman offers a strategic comparison: “Some of the consumers who frequent [Nordstrom] Rack may not walk into a Nordstrom, the higher-end store. But Nordstrom has used Rack for a ‘trial basis element,’ exposing consumers to certain high-end brands. … Yoox Net-a-Porter could utilize the trial strategy to expose consumers to high-end brands via Yoox and then capitalize on the interest created with Net-a-Porter.”

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