CIOs must adapt their organizations, processes and technical infrastructure to rapidly respond and adapt to an accelerated pace of technological change in IT. New technologies such as cloud storage and computing, SaaS, social media, and mobile computing present CIOs with new challenges and operating models. How to introduce innovation into the enterprise while maintaining operational excellence is a key issue for today’s CIO.

Master Plan for Innovation through IT
Innovation as a lever of performance

IT innovation requires being ahead of the curve on trends and the ability to devote time and money to study and test new technologies and offers while anticipating potential risks.

We assist our clients in gaining financing for innovation projects and, once this occurs, with the implementation of a sustainable process—an Innovation Master Plan—for their innovation management. Collaboration includes the IT department and business and relies on four stages of methodology:

  1. understand and map the technological landscape both present and future
  2. define the business potential realized with new technologies (new business models, competitive advantages, cost reduction), the cost of a lost opportunity for the identified innovation and risks related to technological discontinuity
  3. identify milestones for technology maturity (short, medium and long term)
  4. formalize an Innovation Master Plan working with a modest sample group of new technology experimentation projects

IT Agility
Promote agility and responsiveness

We assist IT departments with their transformation into an agile organization by optimizing solutions to meet businesses’ requirements with vigilant regard for their IT budgets. Our approach offers flexibility to leverage several tools to be activated independently or in combination with each other:

  • Implementation of a catalog of services adapted to different levels of business needs: light solutions, SaaS, “one week to go”/“one month to go” offers
  • Activity-based management and rollout of agile processes and methodologies: SCRUM, “test-driven” approach, XP, RAD
  • The implementation of cloud storage and services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), providing new technological and applicative solutions to be implemented quickly (no investment required) and adaptable to the evolution of business needs

We help our clients with successful implementation of these levers. Several initiatives can allow IT to:

  • Implement a more flexible organization with teams dedicated to agile bricks of IT and adapted staffing practices
  • Define simplified governance for these agile bricks, allowing an accelerated resolution process, timely launching of projects and the ability to reprioritize the portfolio of agile projects
  • Improve responsiveness and interaction with the business using reactive means of communication (social networks) to accelerate the identification of needs and, importantly, time to market for the development and launch of products and services