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Executive Summary

To create leading health care institutions, physicians and hospitals must be aligned along multiple facets sustained over a long period of time. During the past 15 years, many of the facets that have historically aligned hospitals and physicians have broken down into a culture of competition and distrust. This breakdown, coupled with the increasing demands for quality, efficiency and coordination, has left many organizations wondering how to begin creating the physician-hospital alignment needed for future success.

As a result, currently hospitals and physicians across the country are actively working toward reforming the relationship that has been scarred by more than a decade of increasing competition between the two.

For many, this means a return to the basics: trust, communication and honest dialogue. For others, the approach focuses solely on aligning financial incentives. While each situation is different, either approach is not enough to form a durable, collaborative partnership between the two parties. Instead, it is incumbent on hospital administrators to define the new collaborative tenor of the relationship between hospitals and physicians.

In this white paper, we suggest several core principles that form the basis for all successful physician-hospital alignment efforts. These principles—focus on a broader purpose, maintain honest dialogue, align along both economic and leadership factors and be systematic yet adaptive—are not new, yet they have broad implications for hospital administrators’ actions.

This white paper is laid out along five major topics:

  • Context and frameworks for thinking about physician-hospital alignment
  • Considerations for aligning with primary care physicians
  • Considerations for aligning with specialists
  • Barriers to overcome and other implications
  • Assessing alignment needs

Our intent is to present a full assessment of all the elements needed to create a healthy, durable, collaborative physician-hospital relationship. We welcome feedback and look forward to furthering the discussions that bring increasing collaboration, teamwork, higher quality and greater efficiency to the delivery of health care.

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1 January 2011