Kurt Salmon builds inherently advantaged retail and consumer goods businesses—companies that are designed and aligned to both shape and satisfy the desires of their customers.

Our Private Equity practice helps clients investing in the retail and consumer products industry to maximize their returns. We do this by blending analytical rigor with deep industry expertise, operational excellence and strategic perspective.

This combination enables us to provide firms with unique insights at every stage of the investment lifecycle.

In the past few years alone, we have participated in the majority of all U.S. private equity retail and consumer deals. The deals for which we have provided assistance total some $20 billion.

Our clients include:

  • Eight of the world’s 10 largest private equity funds
  • Dozens of middle-market private equity funds
  • Intermediaries and co-investors
  • Merchant and investment banks, as well as institutional investors
  • Management teams of industry and portfolio companies, including boards of directors, chief executive officers and chief financial officers

Our services include:

  • Early-stage opportunity analysis
  • Buy-side analysis
  • Sell-side support
  • Strategic transformation

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