IT organizations are under constant pressure to enable their business to achieve growth and innovation through the enhancement of systems capabilities.

Kurt Salmon’s approach to IT strategy helps our clients get the most out of their technology investments. Through a comprehensive evaluation of the IT organization, governance, infrastructure and applications, we help CIOs develop roadmaps to align initiatives with business priorities.

Our deep retail expertise, with regard to both what the business needs to be successful and what technology solutions in the marketplace deliver, allows us to paint a clear picture of what our client’s technology footprint should look like. Rationalization of that footprint and the decommissioning of associated hardware and support teams have a real impact on the bottom line.

Our recommendations are actionable. We quantify the size of each opportunity and its impact on business processes and IT operations and develop a clear execution plan for achieving these results without disrupting the business or customer experience.

Kurt Salmon’s IT Strategy services encompass:

  • Organization: Developing the structure, people and partnerships to enable effective execution, ensuring that people have the right skills in the right roles
  • Governance: Establishing the processes and controls to efficiently maintain alignment between the business and IT
  • Infrastructure: Establishing the technologies and architectures to enable business growth and flexibility, inclusive of networks, hardware, telecommunications, operating systems, disaster recovery and data warehouses
  • Applications Capabilities: Determining the best software portfolio to meet the needs of the business while maximizing the integration of solutions across the enterprise
  • Cost-Out: Identifying and rationalizing redundant applications, hardware, resources and processes; quantifying the total cost of ownership of solutions and negotiating on our clients’ behalf