Nearly a decade ago, omnichannel emerged as an alternate fulfillment model. Today, however, omnichannel has come to encompass every aspect of consumer engagement and involve nearly every aspect of retailers’ and brands’ operations, so much so that Kurt Salmon believes omnichannel strategy is the new retailer and brand strategy.

Omnichannel and Engagement Strategy

Kurt Salmon helps build advantaged retail and brand businesses—and in today’s world, competitive advantage can be gained only by providing customers an omnichannel experience. The following articles, papers and video discuss Kurt Salmon’s perspective on omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Enablement

Retailers and brands all agree that omnichannel cannot be ignored. It’s the new global mandate. But most still struggle with enabling a truly omnichannel experience. The following insights highlight how retailers can operationalize their omnichannel strategies.

1:1 Retailing

1:1 Retailing takes the personalized shopping experience found online and brings it into the physical store, thus creating a truly omnichannel experience. Learn more about Kurt Salmon’s thinking here.