Published since 1991, Kurt Salmon’s Global Sourcing Reference is one of the most respected resources for sourcing managers in Europe. The new 2011 edition has a truly global scope: for the first time the US is considered as a separate import market. The Global Sourcing Reference provides brands and retailers in the consumer goods market with essential insights into the latest developments and future trends in sourcing and with a solid benchmarking of the competitive position of their own sourcing.

Over the past decade the study has proven to be a strong and successful guide for industry leaders. It includes production and logistics costs for apparel and hard goods in more than 45 sourcing countries. The quantitative analysis is further supported by a survey conducted with more than 100 retail and brand sourcing executives, in-depth interviews with global sourcing experts on trends and strategies, as well as a detailed comparison of main developments in the key sourcing regions for Europe and the US.

The current situation is characterized by a shortage of capacities in key sourcing markets, increasing labor, material and logistics costs and a continuous process of consolidation of sourcing countries. Given those developments, gross margin stabilization and supply chain cost reduction are becoming main objectives for our industries. At the same time, shorter lead times remain a key target for supply chains to stay flexible and responsive to the market. Cross-functional calendar management, cross-company supply chain planning and shifting of responsibilities into the sourcing countries are among the key success factors supporting these goals.

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