18 September 2013

This conference will bring together organizations who offer solutions and services for this large segment as well as some of the middle market companies themselves.

The middle market is the growth engine of the future for economies in the Americas. While this segment is already well established in the US and Canada, it is also becoming an increasingly important growth engine in other countries of the region such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.  Financial institutions throughout the Americas are turning their focus to the opportunity that this segment presents as they have historically been overlooked by financial institutions and suppliers of commercial cards and payments solutions in favor of very large or small businesses.  However, they have significant payments needs, some of which are not being met, and provide a massive opportunity to the commercial cards and payments industry. 

The Middle Market in the US

The importance of the middle market is demonstrated by some statistics from research conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market in the fourth quarter of 2012.  The results demonstrate not only the importance of the middle market to the economy but also the need for payment products: 

  • Average revenue growth in 2012: 7%
  • Net new jobs added in 2012: 1.17 million
  • Annual revenue:  $14.7 trillion
  • Forecast growth for 2013:  5.2%
  • Plan to add over a million new jobs in 2013

The above statistics demonstrate a need for commercial cards and payments products of all types, including cross border payments.  This underserved segment presents an outsized opportunity to the commercial cards and payments industry.

The Middle Market in Other Countries

In addition to the US, the middle market segment plays an important and growing role in other economies.  Canada and Brazil have the most developed middle market segments outside of the US and in other countries such as Mexico and Argentina the middle market presents growth opportunities.

Research conducted by GE Capital among CFOs in Canada reported that for 2013, a 7% growth rate is expected across all industries and almost three quarters (73%) of these companies plan to hire.

Brazil has an estimated 20,000 family held companies according to Private Equity and Capital in Brazil. 

Many of these companies sell their products or services in other countries and have sophisticated payment needs, including the need for cross border payments.

The CPI Middle Market Americas Conference

CPI’s second annual Middle Market Americas Conference will delve into this segment, its payment needs and the endless opportunities.  This conference is unique in that it is the only event dedicated solely to the commercial cards and payments area with a focus on the middle market. The conference agenda will focus on the following topics:

  • Segmenting middle market clients – size, vertical and payment needs
  • What services and solutions are best suited to the middle market segment?
  • Developing products to address the needs of the middle market
  • Supporting cross border payments needs of mid-sized companies
  • Regulations that effect commercial payments in the middle market
  • Commercial card potential in the middle market – types of cards, data, implementation and maximization
  • What service models work best in the middle market segment?
  • And much more!

There will be presentations from industry experts, panel discussions including a customer panel, networking opportunities and more.  This conference will focus on a potentially huge and profitable market segment. 

To learn more:  Commercial Payments International  or contact Kurt Salmon's CPI advisory board member Jason Goldberg


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