New York

12 November 2013

CIO Leadership Forum Topic Imperatives:

Chief Information Officer Predicts & Prepares

  • What new technologies will have the biggest impact on business in the year ahead?
  • What are you doing to achieve operational efficiency in IT and across the organization?
  • CIO as Chief Acceleration Officer – How are you acting as the accelerant in your organization?
  • Big Data as Big Vision: How are you using big data to further the business?
  • What are the biggest security challenges that IT departments are currently facing?

Cloud Computing: Assessing the Benefits and Limitations

  • What are the key benefits of cloud computing for a business? Does it effectively cut costs? Improve productivity?
  • What types of services and business processes best lend themselves to a cloud-based approach?
  • How are IT departments addressing the security issues presented by cloud computing?
  • Best practices for moving an existing service to the cloud.
  • SaaS versus internally built cloud computing systems: When does each approach make the most sense?
  • How does your cloud strategy impact business initiatives in every aspect of the business – customers, engagement and execution?

New Innovations in Mobile Devices and Wireless Technology

  • Which new mobile devices will remain viable tools for business users?
  • Where has wireless network technology made the most improvements in the last year?
    • How is this ever advancing technology helping to cut costs in the business?
  • How does your organization choose which mobile devices and platforms to support?
    • How are you working with your employees in using their own devices?
  • What security issues do mobile devices present and how are IT departments responding to them?

Chief Information Officer Perspectives on Social Media

  • How have you harnessed the social-driven revolution to improve business engagement with the customer?
  • How have social media platforms affected your company’s internal communications and culture?
    • How are you utilizing these platforms to engage with and motivate your employees internally?
  • What is your firm’s policy on social media use by employees, and how does your IT department handle the increased security risks posed by employee use of social media sites?
  • How are you driving growth opportunities through the use of social media capabilities?

Leading IT on a Worldwide Scale – Examining the Pitfalls and Politics

As the world continues to shrink and more and more businesses are going global, the world of today’s CIO has also crossed boundaries. This global transformation has brought on a new set of challenges and obstacles for the CIO. This session will discuss:

  • How to measure the overall success of the global organization.
  • Ways to drive innovation from the edges and not just from the center
  • Managing the political implications of “globalizing” when regional IT leaders are used to running their own IT “show.”
  • How to keep operations running smoothly and morale high amidst natural disasters and political disruptions.