Women’s Wear Daily

13 March 2013

The success of Joe Fresh shops inside 681 J.C. Penney stores in March has taken on critical significance as the department store continues to struggle, according to Women’s Wear Daily. In the article, Kurt Salmon retail strategist Arnold Aronson said the actual roll-out wasn’t the issue, but how long it would take for moves like the Joe Fresh partnership to pay off. “Execution is not the issue. Companies gear up to do these things,” he said. “They have the same systems and procedures and a template with all of the instructions. It’s spec-ed out. The issue is how long is it going to take for brands they’ve brought in to make an impact. Penney’s may be pinning their hopes on too few actual brands like Joe Fresh. Remember, they’ve decreased their natural audience by 30 percent. Penney’s is at an inflexion point right now.”

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