Sourcing Journal

05 May 2015

“One thing brick-and-mortar locations have over pure play platforms is immediate credit for returns,” Steve Osburn, retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, explains to Sourcing Journal, when discussing how customers expect faster returns than retailers are delivering, as detailed in Kurt Salmon’s 2015 Omnichannel Fulfillment Study. “A lot of retailers will have returns go to a consolidator, which might add a day or two to the process,” Osburn explains. “But it’s just a sticky business when you get back a box of returns, you don’t always know what’s in it, it doesn’t have the right paperwork. [Retailers] who are doing it well have dedicated returns centers.” Acing omnichannel is all about inventory placement and accuracy. Osburn adds, “From an omnichannel perspective, communication continues to be the key.”

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