As reported in the KLAS® Healthcare IT Advisory 2016 Experience Factor Report, Kurt Salmon has been recognized for its expertise in health IT.

The report, which asked providers across the country to review 36 consulting firms, celebrated Kurt Salmon for both its breadth and depth of expertise. The firm was specifically cited for its strategic thinking, rating ahead of all other competitors in the strategic competency metric. When asked about what makes Kurt Salmon’s strategic capabilities stand out, providers indicated that it was the organization’s collaborative approach to working with clients which put them above the rest. Providers also rated Kurt Salmon at the top of its class when it came to tools and methodology and health care knowledge and expertise.

According to one provider who worked with the firm, “Kurt Salmon helped us map our strategy out. Every consulting company has a template. Kurt Salmon stated out with their standard template, but then they realized that their template didn’t fit us and modified it to suit our needs. They definitely individualized things along the way.”

Following the completion of engagements, 95% of providers reported that they would buy Kurt Salmon’s services again. Another provider explained, “Kurt Salmon has a good methodology and approach to their advisory business and system selection. They are very good at helping an organization think about long-term strategy and helping them not fall into the trap of short-term decisions. They know the industry better than anyone does.”

For more information about the report, visit the KLAS website. Additional information about Kurt Salmon’s information technology capabilities is available here.

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