09 June 2016

The in-store experience may be a traditional retailer’s biggest advantage over online retailers, but many fail to make the experience worth a trip to the store, particularly when it comes to the fitting room. According to a new survey by Body Labs, 46% of consumers “hate” trying on clothes in a fitting room. Though 67% of those surveyed say they would still probably use the fitting room before making a purchase, traditional retailers are missing out on an opportunity to connect with their customers in-store. “If you have a well-run fitting room, it drives an increasing conversion rate and increasing basket size,” Kurt Salmon retail strategist Al Sambar told MarketWatch.

However, the personalized experience that might make a fitting room more pleasant for the consumer isn’t universal. Luxury retailers may offer individual service, while stores catering to Millennials may construct something more social. Even installing a button in the fitting room to summon an associate is a good first step. Ultimately, “the challenge for retailers is to design the experience that is appropriate for the customers,” said Sambar.

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