The Boston Globe

11 June 2016

Keurig Green Mountain is discontinuing Keurig Kold just ten months after its debut. Keurig spent six years developing the at-home cold beverage maker, interviewing thousands of consumers and refining the technology. After its launch late last year, however, it became clear that the Kold was a flop; the machine was too big, bulky and expensive for most consumers. Within a few months, shortly after being acquired by JAB Holding Co., Keurig announced it was pulling Kold from shelves.

Bruce Cohen, head of Kurt Salmon’s Private Equity and Strategy Practice, told The Boston Globe it was striking how quickly Keurig’s new owners cut their losses on the cold drinks system. “What the consumer industry needs is more bold companies like that,” he said. “There aren’t enough companies that move quickly like that. In our business, we wind up coming in and seeing this downward slope for quarters and quarters and quarters.”

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