Managed Healthcare Executive

18 July 2016

The fact that new data indicates that the growth rate of health care spending will remain under 6% through 2025 is impressive, according to Jeff Hoffman, health care expert at Kurt Salmon, in a recent conversation with Managed Healthcare Executive. “We are still on the upward climb of Baby Boomers entering Medicare. The numbers are becoming larger every year, as well as the number of people living longer. Let’s not forget that people over 65 years of age use inpatient hospital care at four times the national average and those over 85 years of age use hospital care at eight times the national average. As the ranks of these demographic groups increase, they have a disproportionate impact on health care spending.”

Hoffman also believes that while most providers are still volume-based, the beginnings of value-based care will have some impact on spending going forward.

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