We've all lived the transformation in life and business wrought by digital technology. Nowhere has this been more real than in the financial sector, where back-office administration has been revolutionized by straight-through processing and front-office relationships with customers increasingly reshaped by social media.

More change is on the way as ever more sophisticated mobile devices become omnipresent interactive and transacting terminals. Meanwhile, financial firms must adapt to a world where seamless interaction with customers across a broad range of channels and technologies is vital to growth - and even survival.

In this briefing, Kurt Salmon's Fabrice Albizzati discusses the implications of these changes for financial service providers, while Gaëtan Bodmer lists the keys to success in digital transformation projects (n.b.: the human aspects are as important, or more so, than IT capabilities).

Part of the change involves companies moving to social media to create conversations, interactions and even transactions with their clients. But not all are good at it, and plenty are bad; get it wrong and social media campaigns can do serious damage.

Meanwhile, the widespread adoption of mobile devices for daily activities has been slower than its pioneers hoped. But technological, economic and commercial factors are fast coming together to achieve critical mass, with lift-off likely in just a couple of years.