Relevance or Extinction: Survival of Only the Fittest

Today’s shoppers—armed with new technologies and shifting personal needs and aspirations—are seeking entirely new solutions from the stores they shop. As a result, traditional strengths, such as location or product variety, are declining in importance, while the value of experiences and connections is rising. The very definitions of convenience and value are evolving.

Through the years, reports from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council have identified specific challenges facing the industry and offered equally specific solutions or approaches. The Council members chose this very different topic because today’s challenges are so very different from those of the past.

The Council members strongly believe this report will serve as a clarion call on the enormity and impact these emerging challenges will have on every company. In addition, the report lays out some of the difficult decisions companies need to make to maintain relevance with the consumer of the near future.

No report of this nature can possibly identify the specific challenges for each and every company, but we believe this document can provide sufficient examples of this new landscape and be a catalyst for discussion and action inside any company. Readers can use this material—including a self-diagnostic tool—to determine how to best reorient each company for this new era.

Keep in mind that every company is at a different point in this journey and everyone is moving at a different speed. But the Council believes everyone must be on this journey or risk becoming irrelevant with the shoppers of tomorrow. This report can support you in this vital effort.

To learn more, download the report.

16 February 2017